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Apply Here

Please complete all four parts of the application.

(Fill in the Blank, Photo Release Form, Personal Video, and Essay)

Email any questions to

All applicants must also compete this photo release form and email it to

Thank you for submitting! We hope to see you soon!

Personal Video



Please send your video to us via Instagram DM or email

In addition to answering the questions on the Application page, each applicant must submit a video about themself.

This video is very open ended, so feel free to choose which prompts you would like to answer and make some up of your own!  At the beginning of the video, please include the following:

  • Name

  • Age

  • State of residence

  • Instagram Handle (If you DM us)

Suggested Prompts (not all required)

  • Why you want to attend Witter Coin U

  • What you hope to gain from this experience

  • Favorite coin(s)

  • Favorite coin stories

  • Any jobs you have had involving coins

  • Story of how you got into coins

  • Any specific series you are collecting

  • Any coin clubs you are a part of

  • Don't be afraid to show us your favorite coins and books on camera!

When you are done, please send us the video file or aYouTube link to the video via email or Instagram DM.


instagram: @wittercoin

Short Answer

Please choose and complete THREE of the following prompts and submit your essays to

Essay Prompts (choose 3):

  • How did you get started in numismatics?

  • What is a coin that you would love to own and why? Money is no issue

  • How has modern technology improved numismatics? How has it harmed it?

  • What coin or series do you feel has been the most influential in changing the course of numismatics?

  • What is something you have learned or been taught recently that has changed the way you think about numismatics?

  • If you could do a TED talk on numismatics, what would your subject be and why?

  • How can the older generation help the younger generation more to inspire continued interest in numismatics?

  • If you could take a course on any subject in numismatics, what would it be and why?

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