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Graduate Testimonials


“WCU was undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. Despite having collected coins since pre-school, I have never felt more completely supported or immersed in both the hobby and the Numismatic community. In San Francisco, surrounded by other people my age, I was able to engage with coin collecting in a new and very social way; it was an environment I know I had been hoping to find for a long time. I am so grateful to have created friendships with other WCU grads, connections with such amazing instructors, and so many fantastic memories”

-Noah S, 18

“Witter coin was an absolutely transformative experience, one that I won’t soon forget. Calling it an ‘event’ wouldn’t do it justice. There’s something and someone there for everyone, whether you’re just starting to collect, or you’re running a business already. The staff is second to none, and the friendships and connections that I made at Witter U were the highlight of my entire year.”

- Moises H, 21

“Witter Coin U was the best week of my life. It taught me not just the skills of numismatics, but changed my mindset towards the industry. I made some incredible friends and more memories in that week than at any other point in my life. On the business side, Witter Coin U gave me the skills and confidence to establish my own LLC in the industry. It is simply the best experience the hobby has to offer.” 

- Hunter H,18 

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